May 15, 2021


Lebanese food in Portland has a new home, welcome to Zaatar – Fine Lebanese Cuisine. We feature a family-friendly Mediterranean dining experience in Portland’s Pearl District, from a family of restaurateurs with a long history in the Portland area. A common belief among the people in the Eastern Mediterranean is that Zaatar, the spice blend, makes the mind alert and the body strong. So revered is the herb, children of the Eastern Mediterranean often eat zaatar for breakfast and before an exam in school. Our restaurant is named for this medley of herbs and spices commonly found in the Middle East – it is typically used in Mediterranean cuisine and is highly popular throughout the region. Zaatar herbs and spices will maintain a strong presence among all of our meals.

As a family of Portland-area restaurateurs with decades of experience, we have renewed our dedication to authentic traditional cuisine (including Syrian, Turkish and Greek traditions as well), prepared in consistent, high quality, and flavorful manner. Our ingredients are always fresh; we work from scratch every day with fire-roasted eggplant, home-cooked chickpeas, and our own special blend of Lebanese herbs and spices. In addition to delicious Lebanese entrees and appetizers, remember to visit our dessert display case stocked with fresh baked Middle Eastern baklava and kanafeh and French desserts and pastries – all scratch-made by our family for your delight.  In association with Karam Lebanese Deli and Catering in Beaverton, we offer catering for events and weddings too.

Zaatar Fine Lebanese Cuisine delivers passionately prepared, authentic Lebanese cuisine in the Pearl, as well as catering directly to you, wherever you might be in the Portland area. Our products are prepared from scratch, using only the freshest ingredients from local producers and farmers. Whether in Zaatar W Zeit restaurant, at a catered event, or through our products found at grocers throughout the area, our goal is to provide all of our customers with a fresh genuine taste of Lebanon that simply can’t be found elsewhere! Enjoy healthful delicious Lebanese Cuisine at Zaatar.