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Dyna-Glo Smart Space Living 30,000 BTU-2-Burner Propane Gas Grill

Overall rating – 4.5 out of 5 stars

Cooking grate material – Enameled cast iron

Type of gas used – Standard 20 pound propane tank or there is an option to get this model with a natural gas hook-up (must select at checkout)

External size – Measures approximately 45.8 x 23 x 46.1 inches

Cooking area – varies depending on options selected from 547 to 764 square inches of total cooking space

BTU – 30,000 to 79,000 total BTUs from stainless steel burners dpending on options selected

Electronic ignition – Yes

Warranty – 1 year

Weight – 81.4 pounds

Overall review – 90% of the reviews for this Dyna- Glo are very positive and accompanied by a 4 or 5 star rating. This grill has a lot of options. It is available as a 2 burner, 4 burner or 5 burner depending on your cooking needs and what your budget will allow. It can be selected to work with a standard 20 pound propane tank or to have a natural gas hook-up. This model a great value for the money. It is hard to find better in this price range. This grill is solid and well-constructed. It comes with a heavy-duty cover (most makers either don’t include a cover or give you a cheap “throw-away” cover). The sides fold down easily to make this unit comapct for storage.

Reviewers report this grill heats up quickly and reaches temperatures high enough to sear a steak quite well. It also does a great job with slow roasting using indirect heat. The heating is even and reliable.

What will you find in the negative reviews? Some people complain that some of the parts are flimsy and cheap feeling, especially the plastic knobs. Although the vast majority of users feel this is quite well-constructed for the price, there are those who feel it is not heavy-duty enough. The truth is, this is an inexpensive grill. You should not compare the Dyna-Glo to a model that costs four times as much; it should not be held to the same standards. The incredibly high approval rate clearly shows that this is a great grill for the money. Is it the best grill ever made? Probably not. But the cost reflects that.

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