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Weber Genesis Models

There Are 6 Weber Genesis Models – Here Are The Differences Between Them

The Weber Genesis Gas Grill line is one of the most popular lines of gas grills available today, and for good reasons. These large gas grills are solid, sturdy and built to last through the years. There are six different Weber Genesis Gas Grill models. It can be confusing to know which is best for your particular grilling needs, so here is some information on the main differences between those six Weber Genesis gas grill models to help you make the best choice. There is also a chart available HERE if you prefer a chart outling the differences.

The six Weber Genesis gas grill models that are available are the S-330, E-330, S-320, E-320, S-310 and E-310. The “S” indicates a stainless steel gas grill model. This doesn’t just apply to the body of the grill, but it also applies to the flavorizer bars and the cooking grates. Those items are also made of stainless steel when you choose a Weber Genesis “S” model. The “E” indicates a Weber Genesis gas grill model with a color choice. The “E” models are available in black, copper or green. Those Weber Genesis gas grill models come with porcelain enameled flavorizer bars and cooking grates. The cooking grates on the “E” models are heavy-duty cast iron under the porcelain and those cooking grates are reversible. One side of the cooking grate has thick, flat bars for maximum contact with food. The other side of the cooking grate comes to a skinny, triangular point that offers minimal contact with the cooking grate for small items, such as shrimp. Weber split the cooking grate into two pieces, which not only makes it easier to remove the heavy grate for cleaning, but this also allows you to use both the skinny and wide cooking grate at the same time.

The S-330 and the E-330 Weber Genesis gas grill models come equipped with both a side burner and a sear station. The sear station consists of an extra high-powered burner that allows you to very quickly sear foods before moving them to either above a regular burner or an area of the grill with indirect heat. The side burner provides a lot of versatility and allows you to simmer sauces or make side dishes while grilling on your Weber Genesis gas grill.

The S-320 and the E-320 Weber Genesis gas grill models come equipped with a side burner but they lack a sear station. The S-310 and the E-310 Weber Genesis gas grill models have neither the sear station nor the side burner. Visit Gas Grill Reviews for more information on the Weber Genesis gas grill line.

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