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Weber 6521001 Genesis E-320 Liquid Propane Gas Grill, Black

Weber 6521001 Genesis E-320 Liquid Propane Gas Grill, Black

Overall rating – This Weber gas grill has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars

Cooking grate material – porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates

Type of gas used – this grill is available in two versions; the first uses a standard 20 pound propane tank, the second hooks up to a natural gas line CLICK HERE TO SEE NATURAL GAS VERSION

External size – this unit measures approximately 41.9 by 32.5 by 24.3 inches

Cooking area dimensions – this gas grill has a total cooking area of 637 square-inches -507-square-inch primary, 130-square-inch warming rack

BTU input per hour -3 stainless steel burners-38,000 BTU per hour input and 12,000 BTU per hour input flush mounted side burner

Electronic ignition – Yes

Weight- this model weighs 186

Overall review – 92% of the reviews for this Weber gas grill are very positive and accompanied by a 4 or 5 star rating. This Weber Genesis model has the side burner but no sear station; the latter is only found on the Weber Genesis S-330 and E-330 models. This model is available in black, copper or green but no stainless steel; the stainless steel finish is found on the S-330, S-320 and S-310.

The reviews show this to be a solid gas grill that is well-built and designed to last throughout the years. It heats quickly and gets very hot. The cook box is incredibly heavy-duty and keeps the hot air inside, where it belongs. This will allow you to grill even in cold winter temperatures. There are a couple of complaints regarding that heavy-duty cook box; some say it makes the lid too heavy, although most people loved the cooking capabilities provided by such a heavy-duty lid. Reviewers say the flavorizer bars add lots of flavor and that this unit cooks very evenly at both high and low temperatures.

The heavy-duty porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grates are solid and provide excellent grill marks. They are also reversible. One side has rods that are triangular in shape and come to a skinny point. This is great for grilling small items, like shrimp. The other side is flat and wider, this is perfect for things like burgers which benefit from extra contact with the cooking grate. The grate is split into separate pieces so that you could keep part of the grill on the wide, flat cooking grate and part of it on the skinny, triangular grate.

Weber made a couple of changes on the Genesis models compared to past Weber models. These changes were well-received and praised by most, but a couple of people do not appreciate those changes. First, the knobs used to be on the top of the side shelf. Weber moved them to the front of the unit on the new models. This was because of years of complaints regarding those side table knobs. They made it impossible to place trays of food or other items flat on the side table and the knobs took up a lot of useful room. Most reviewers love that the knobs are now in the front. However, you can’t please everyone. One of the negative reviews berates that decision because it makes you stand in front of the gas grill while lighting it. Like almost every other gas grill out there used safely every day by millions of people. But, some find this to be unacceptably dangerous. The second change involves the placement of the burners. The old Weber models had the burners running from side to side. Many grillers complained that this mad it difficult to find an area of the grill with indirect heat for slow cooking of large items. So Weber reconfigured the burners and they now run from front to back. Most people love this and see it as an improvement. But again, you can’t please everyone. Someone said this is the same layout as every other “Dollar Store grill.” Rest assured, the overwhelming majority of reviews say this unit heats quickly and evenly and is nothing like a cheap grill.

Overall, this is a great grill that impresses almost everyone that uses it. There are 44 detailed consumer reviews available, written by real people who have used this Weber gas grill. READ ALL 47 REVIEWS FOR THIS GAS GRILL

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